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We Are Going Green for Teens

A Fostered Journey

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Each Year over 676,569 kids in Amercia alone have been reported abused, neglected, or abandonded, often by their very own adults they have placed their love and trust in. There were 34,512 cases of abuse in 2012. There are more than 1200 cases of reported abuse in Jefferson County each year. Most of them end up on the streets because they run away. 

One out of every three kids will be approached by a trafficker in the first 48 hours of running away due to some kind of abuse. Many of the kids involvd in human trafficking from abusive homes are never reported missing. Over 27 million people are enslaved every year for human trafficking, and only 60 kids were rescued in Colorado last year from human trafficking. 

Kids ages 5-18 years of age are affected and when taken from their homes or off the streets they are made to think it is such a wonderful life and they can leave their current one behind when in turn they are lied to, then sold into modern day slavery for sex, drugs, child military, and more right hear in our own local neighborhoods across the United States and over seas. 

Even though signs of physical abuse may or may not be visible, any kind of abuse, can have a devastaing lasting effect on kids, families, and our society that can last a lifetime. This is where A Fostered Journey comes in, their hope is to help stop this visious cycle and help these at risk teens before they are affected and to help those who have been affected. 

To find out more about helping these great kids and A Fostered Journey please see their facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/AFJourney?fref=ts

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